Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux brings the latest Linux innovations to market, delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications and systems along with worldwide, enterprise-class, low-cost support. Optimized for enterprise workloads, Oracle Linux is the only operating system to offer zero-downtime updates.

Why Oracle?

Oracle is the only vendor in the industry that offers a complete Linux-based solution stack—applications, middleware, database, management tools, operating system and hardware, along with a single point of support. Oracle invests significantly in testing Oracle Linux and releasing critical bug fixes faster, enabling enterprises to deploy with confidence. And Oracle Linux Support provides industry-leading global support for the Linux operating system at dramatically lower cost.

Operating System

Oracle Linux is an open-source operating system available under the GNU General Public License. The only operating system to offer zero-downtime patching, Oracle Linux is optimized for Oracle hardware and software and provides enterprises with the benefits of the latest Linux innovations including rigorous testing with real-world workloads.


The Oracle Linux Support program delivers enterprise-class support for Linux with premier backports, comprehensive management, cluster software, indemnification, testing and more, all at significantly lower cost. Oracle is committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive, and integrated support solutions to help ensure that organizations succeed with the Linux operating system.