Step up and become a Friend of GNOME!

The GNOME project is built by a vibrant community and supported by the GNOME Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity registered in California (USA). The GNOME community has spent more than 20 years creating a desktop environment designed for the user. We‘re asking you to step up for GNOME and become Friend of GNOME. We’re working to have 100 new Friends of GNOME join by January 6, 2020.

This photo includes a large group of people standing on steps outside on a sunny day. In the foreground is a large beach blanket with brightly colored GNOME logos on it.
Photo by Ana Rey licensed under a CC-BY-SA license.

The GNOME Foundation was founded in 2000, to support the activities
of the GNOME project and our goal of building a desktop environments
that respects the freedom of every user, developer, and contributor. We
continue to make great strides towards this.

2019 has been an exciting year for us with the expansion of the Foundation‘s staff and efforts:

This year has not been without challenges. Most notably, October brought with it allegations of patent infringement from Rothschild Patent Imaging, Ltd. Rather than settling or backing down, we are taking this fight as far as we have to in order to say that patent trolls have no place in free software. This effort is something we’ll be carrying forward into the coming year.

Looking ahead to 2020, we already have a lot going on in addition to
our patent case. There’s kicking off the GNOME Coding Education
Challenge in order to expand the tools we have available to learn and
teach. We will be seriously expanding our accessibility efforts, and are
currently planning an accessibility audit and making plans for updates
to the Orca screen reader. We’ve already started planning GUADEC 2020,
which will bring us to our first North American GUADEC in Zacatecas,
Mexico. We have a GNOME.Asia in the works. There will be more hackfests
and newcomer events, intern and mentorship opportunities, and constant
efforts to work on, for, and with the community. We’ll do all of this
while upholding the standards of technical excellence you have come to
expect from the GNOME project, building software for people of every
country with every level of ability.

The GNOME Foundation supports the work of the GNOME community, and we
need your help to keep going. We’re working on the future, not just of
how you interact with your computer, but the future of free software and
we want you to join us. Step up for GNOME! You can become a Friend of GNOME,
to support us on either an annual or monthly basis. We ask for a
minimum donation of $10/month, and recommend $25 a month ($5 for
students). Every donation comes with a Thank You postcard from a GNOME
hacker and a discount on GNOME swag when you find our booth at a
conference. For $30 a month, you can get a subscription to LWN.
If you donate $500 or more on an annual basis, you’ll get a wonderful
Thank You note especially from executive director Neil McGovern.

We’re bringing software freedom to the desktop. We‘re developing a
safe, secure, accessible desktop environment for everyone; building a
global community of contributors; and fostering the next generation of
free and open source software contributors. By becoming a Friend of GNOME you are becoming a part of that.


Andrea, Bart, Emmanuele, Kristi, Molly, Neil, and Rosanna